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Easy and efficient Installation process

In our installation process all production is studied in detail to ensure maximum modularity of each structure, but above all respect for the environment.
In fact, this concept allows the shelters to be approached and oriented appropriately, solving most of the parking needs and producing clean energy.

Combine mobility with innovative green energy
Key Components


Usually the material is galvanized steel or laminated timber, providing greater resistance to any environmental conditions. It is possible to install 9 panels per car bay and a structure covering 54 car bays in about 7 days, if the conditions are good.


Photovoltaic panels are the single biggest expense of a PV system. Their placement and mounting is what affects the system performance most. PV panels are the most common type of panel, both for commercial and residential installations.

DC-to-AC inverters

Inverters take the low-voltage, high-current signals from the PV panels and convert them into 230 VAC/400 VAC, which is directly compatible with gridpower. From a reliability standpoint, they are generally the weak link in any PV system, so quality is a must.

Product Development

Within the Solar Parking concept there are plenty of add on facilities to enhance the service to the users of the parking area and thereby add value to the product, as well as additional income, such as:

  • Led Lighting and artificial daylight if needed
  • Direct charging stations for electric cars, including other smart car services
  • Direct parking guidance systems
  • Storage solution with batteries or compressed air, for autonomous 24 hours systems, and for energy efficiency, creating heat or cold for the attached business

Solar Parking has developed 3 different base models for using parking spaces to produce renewable energy.
To standardize, modularize and simplify creating the most price effective solutions.

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