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Solar Parking has developed different modular concepts that can be standardized in manufacturing, installation and in its technical specifications. We have strived to find the most price optimal solutions, in combination with different needs and with an optimized power.

Solar Parking carports provide shade, improve parking lot lights, provide customer accessibility, and protect vehicles from the weather.

All models are in two versions, one for markets in standard weather conditions and a reinforced model for extreme weather and windy locations.

Solar Parking Models
Solar Carpot Models

We have built a model program to be able to catch three main scenarios, single and double Solar Parking structures. A full span model also covering the driveways creating an inside parking feeling.

Also, a model with light weights flexible panels for hot countries that requires very little support and can have a high level of design – which can also be used for existing parking structures that cannot carry the weight of traditional solar modules.

We also have been developing more materials to be even more sustainable, such as wooden carports with efficient price points to be economically feasible, not only for better optimization of the space but also for lower impact on aesthetics of the existing structures/places, and for a better footprint.

Solar Parking Base Model

The standard model of Solar Parking’s carport structure is made of galvanized steel and comes with a tilt angle of 10 degrees.

The structure is more robust and is favorable for almost all environmental conditions. The Construction process is simple and time efficient.

Also the most price efficient solution with a pricing close to rooftop installation.

Solar parking

Newly developed wooden carport structures that have a more appealing and esthetically better suited for environmentally sensitive places (eg. Islands).

Wood carports, built for certified grown Swedish forestry, are ideal for maintaining a sustainability aesthetic and less ”industrial’’ look and feel.

The structure is in glued laminated timber, finished with four coats of wood stain, certified and produced with sawn planks from sustainably managed forests and respecting HTE process.

Solar Parking High Design

The structure can fit most needs, keeping the same high level of performance, with special and adopted structures for sensitive locations and situations.

All production is studied in detail to ensure maximum modularity of each structure, but above all respect for the environment. In fact, these models allow the shelters to be approached and oriented appropriately, solving most of the parking needs and producing clean energy.

Why standard solutions?

Our innovative solutions allow the coverage of any car park and enjoy the energy produced thanks to the installation, during the assembly phase, of photovoltaic systems and charging columns for electric vehicles. Our mission is to develop long-lasting structures that respect the environment and benefit those who install them.

Customer core business

The clients can choose to use the production of electricity for their own needs/self-consumption, sell it to neighboring companies or sell it back to the grid.

No real impact on space and parking

The attractiveness for the site owner’s customer or employees is an added benefit with protection from sun, rain and snow.

Cost efficient

Large necessary parking areas with potential for added revenue and/or usage for the site owner/operator. Base for Microgrids and decentralized power.

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