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About our company

Solar Parking guides itself for the usage of clean energy in order to all of us leave a more ecological footprint on Earth

Solar Parking is a specialist in transforming conventional parking spaces into asustainable/green energy producing units, with asecondary ecnomical income, as well as making the parking’s protected from rain, sun and snow – We create dual functionality, protecting the cars andcustomers from weather and providing additional ledlighting options for safety, as well as direct charging for electrical vehicles.

Solar Parking expertly carries out projects all around the world with the most efficient price point in the market.

We’ve developed, over the last 4 years, different concepts for cost efficient, sustainable, flexible and price competitive solar carport installations.

The concepts are always scalable from small double or triple units up to several thousand. The system cost responds well to volume and it’s a fast and simple toinstall, which reduces any disposition of the parkingand reduces the installation cost.

Solar Parking Concept

Generate green electricity

Produce your own green electricity and use it as self-consumption or supply to the electricity grid for other purposes.

Cut costs

Cut electricity costs by self consumption.

Improve customer experience

With solar parking’s possibilities, you can improve your parking functions and comfort for your customers or employees

Increase parking revenues

With the improved customer experience, you can also sell space for advertisement or services.

From idea to realization
Why solar parking?

The concept is flexible and can fit almostany parking lot in any country.

Good example of customers are supermarkets & shopping malls, universities & schools, hospitals, hotel & restaurant chains, airports, stadiums, office buildings, and many more.

The aggregated market is very large and it supports decentralized power production close to consumption, releasing pressure on the grid, especially with more electrical cars coming to the market The decentralization of energy, meaning creating production close to consumption, will be increasingly important once our main grid gets congested.

In many parts of the world, there is already heavy imbalance inthe transmission grid.

This usually occurs in moredensely populated areas, where the physical space islimited.

Solar Parking Concept
Solar Parking Concept

With the aim to create local standardizedsmall scale concepts that can beaggregated to large volumes.

In order to meet pollution goals, reduce the emissions, but also to manage transmission with decentralized energy production close to consumption, some cities are starting to use other surfaces than traditional in alarger context.

For example Berlin has decided thatevery new building in the city will have to integrate PV panels in order to produce green energy.

As the Balearic Islands in Spain are regulating that all parkings over 1000 m2, should have soalr roofs by 2025.

This aresteps in the right direction and Solar Parking is providing solutions not only for buildings but other underutilized surfaces as parkings.

We truly believe that implementing PV panels on surfaces as parkings has a huge aggregated potential,
both in terms of exploiting and improve underutilized space and to create new revenues from locally produced green & cheap energy.

We have today managed to conceptualize a price point, via a volume-based business model, close, or even sometimes below rooftop solar, which is opening a ginormous worldwide market.

Solar Parking is headquartered in London, with offices in Portugal, Spain, Hong Kong, Canada & Sweden and is supplying technical and design support through global EPC (construction) partners to local installers.

The concept is sold, constructed and installed through local, national and international partners, it is also offered in various business models, from equipment sale to long term power purchase agreements and leasing solutions, all to fit customer needs.

Solar parking Concept

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