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Solar Parking Ltd aim to be lone of the leading provider and supplier of power through the development and ownership of utility solar carport for parking lots.

The concept is flexible and can fit almost any parking lot in any country. Example of customers are supermarkets & shopping malls, universities & schools, hospitals, hotel & restaurant chains, airports, stadiums and office buildings.

The roof is completely covered, protecting the cars and customers from heat, rain and snow and provides additional lighting options for safety. It provides a almost indoor experience to the clients to any retail using the system.

It is also ideal for connecting charging stations for electrical vehicles

The concept presents several benefits


Cost efficient green electricity


Best commercial technology, large scale procurement, design and production, targeting cost efficiency, optimizing global supply and local installation.


Large necessary parking areas with potential for added revenue and/or usage for the site owner/operator.


Easier/faster permitting process that saves time and money, and promotes economic development.

Customer core business


The clients can choose to use the production of electricity for their own needs, sell it to neighbouring companies or sell it back to the grid. When using additional storage equipment like batteries or other storage media the client may use the production 24/7.


The possibilities for security with lightning of parking areas and add on services as charging of electrical cars, etc.

No real impact on space and parking


Solar Parking carries a minimal footprint and comes with a fast and flexible installation.


The attractiveness for the site owner’s customer or employees is an added benefit with protection from sun, rain and snow. To create a better shopping experience for the end clients.