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The concept consists of a strong, self-supporting structure which can span long distances between posts which minimizes the total number of columns needed. This creates an open, unique and attractive covering for parking spaces without the need for expensive, bulky and expensive support structures.

The roof covering integrates the PV solar panels making maximum utilization of the area and achieving superior system efficiencies by maximizing electricity output per unit area. The innovative construction achieves an optimized cost of materials, together with easier and fast installation time. This results in a competitive turnkey concept.

For the customer it means an attractive yield out of every square meter of available surface plus providing complete protection of the parking area.

The Solar Parking concept comes with a very fast, clean and non-intrusive installation process. A fully pre- engineered system enables on site installation in 6 simple steps.

Within the Solar Parking concept there are plenty of add on facilities to enhance the service to the users of the parking area and thereby add value to the product, as well as additional income, such as:


Led Lighting and artificial daylight if needed.

Direct charging stations for electrical cars, is a given due the growth of this market, including other smart car services.


Direct parking guidance systems.

Storage solution with batteries or compressed air, to create autonomous 24 hours systems, and to incorporate with energy efficiency to create heat or cold for toe attached business if retail, public spaces and/or warehousing.