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Solar Parking Ltd is a specialised leading solar carport installation company for parking lots.

With a long time experience from the renewable energy market, the Solar Parking Team have developed a concept for cost efficient, sustainable, flexible and competitive concept that can scale from 24 parking spaces up to several thousands.

The key of Solar Parking system is being simple and fast to install compared to similar systems. Solar Parking is flexible and can fit almost any parking lot in any country. And its modular and can be scaled up to any size.

Our Approach

Our Story

Solar Parking supplies technical and design support through a global EPC partner. The concept is sold, constructed, and installed through local and national partners. The concept is offered in various business models, from equipment sale directly to the customer, to system ownership and long term power supply to the client. Solar Parking provides also leasing and financing solutions, all to fit customer needs.


Solar Parking Ltd guides itself for the usage of clean energy in order to all of us leave a more ecological footprint on Earth.